Saturday, March 26, 2005

Wolfram Publicon® Gives New Momentum to Open Access Publishing

BioMed Central Press Release

10 March 2005

Wolfram Publicon® gives new momentum to Open Access publishing

"Wolfram Research and BioMed Central today announced a partnership to streamline Open Access publishing. Using Wolfram Research's new Wolfram Publicon software, authors gain the unique advantage of being able to submit properly structured documents ready for direct publication by BioMed Central, the leading Open Access publisher.

Open Access publishing provides free access to published material, while authors pay a small fee to cover editing, review, and publishing. Publicon gives editing and formatting tools directly to authors so that submissions go through the online publishing process with minimum intervention.

Publicon simplifies the process of writing and formatting technical documents in XML, XHTML, and MathML. Built-in style sheets and the user-friendly interface eliminate all the extra effort normally spent readying a paper for publication. As a result, BioMed Central and other publishers can rely on receiving properly formatted documents created in Publicon. Such an effective system significantly reduces the time and costs behind publishing important Open Access research."