Sunday, March 13, 2005

Serials Review: Special Issue on Open Access: Issues, Ideas, and Impact

Serials Review 30, no.4 (2004) Special Issue: Open Access 2004

Special Focus on Open Access: Issues, Ideas, and Impact
Page 257
David Goodman and Connie Foster

The Criteria for Open Access
Pages 258-270
David Goodman

Open Access Is Only Part of the Story
Pages 271-274
Richard Gedye

The Shifting Sands of Open Access Publishing, a Publisher's View
Pages 275-280
John Regazzi

A Not-for-Profit Publisher's Perspective on Open Access
Pages 281-287
Martin Frank, Margaret Reich and Alice Ra'anan

Author disincentives and open access
Pages 288-291
Rick Anderson

Open Access: A Review of an Emerging Phenomenon
Pages 292-297
Adam Chesler

Delivery, Management and Access Model for E_prints and Open Access Journals
Pages 298-303
Fytton Rowland, Alma Swan, Paul Needham, Steve Probets, Adrienne Muir, Charles Oppenheim,Ann O'Brien and Rachel Hardy

Open Access: How Are Publishers Reacting?
Pages 304-307
Sally Morris

Open Access: Science Publishing as Science Publishing Should Be
Pages 308-309
Jan Velterop

The Access/Impact Problem and the Green and Gold Roads to Open Access
Pages 310-314
Stevan Harnad, Tim Brody, François Vallières, Les Carr, Steve Hitchcock, Yves Gingras, Charles Oppenheim, Heinrich Stamerjohanns and Eberhard R. Hilf

The “Green” and “Gold” Roads to Open Access: The Case for Mixing and Matching • ARTICLE
Pages 315-328
Jean-Claude Guédon