Friday, March 04, 2005

Compendex Now Offers RSS Feeds

"RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is an XML-based format for content syndication. RSS is a way of publishing and distributing content from one Web site to another. It's an easy way for you to keep updated automatically on web sources that you follow.

You need to have an RSS reader or aggregator to make use of RSS. RSS reader will display information feeds from your selected sites on your computer without visiting each Web site. You will automatically receive the most current information whenever these sources are updated. It will also allow you to share information with others in your research or study group.

With an RSS aggregator, you will be able to find technical information from Engineering Village 2, latest news from your library (if your library is providing an RSS feed), or latest technology news from the New York Times.

There are several types of RSS readers. Some are Web-based, such as My Yahoo, Bloglines or NewsGator, some are extensions of Web browsers such as Mozilla Foxfire and some are desktop readers like FeedDemon or Awasu. You can find a list of RSS reader and other information about RSS at the RSS Compendium.

Engineering Village 2 provides RSS feeds of your search queries. Once you have executed a search, you can post the latest updated records that match your query to your RSS aggregator and share the results with others within your institution. Engineering Village 2 RSS feed includes titles of the records and links back to Engineering Village 2 for the detailed record. You need to be in an IP authenticated environment that has access to Engineering Village 2 to view the detailed record.

This feature will allow you to get automatic weekly updates of your search queries' results within your RSS readers.

To use the RSS feeds from Engineering Village 2, execute and refine your search until you have the search strategy that you wish to use as your feed. If your organization has enabled the RSS feed, an RSS feed link will appear following your search statement.